In the framework of the new project “Women`s participation in the process of building trust and sustainable peace has been strengthened”, the needs research of women and IDP girls and victims of conflict has started in target municipalities.

During the meeting with the fieldworkers, information on important details of future activities was exchanged.

The geography of the research is 6 villages on the conflict dividing line and in Zugdidi. During the research, quantitative and qualitative information will be collected.


Fund "Sukhumi" started working on the project “Bridging the Gap: People to People Initiatives for Conflict Resolution”. According to the project, Women and Youth Initiative Groups have been formed in Kutaisi, Tskalutbo, Khoni, Senaki, Zugdidi and Tsalenjikha municipalities. Each group is composed by 20-25 members.

Women and youth groups will work in parallel and will be involved in the activities envisaged under the project - studying the needs at local level and advocating for problems. The members of the group will pass special trainings, educational seminars, which will serve to increase their competence and strengthen civic activism. The work of the initiative groups is an important component of the project, which will create an opportunity for the implementation of new initiatives and will contribute to improving the level of tolerance in society.

Ekaterine Gamakharia, Head of the Tbilisi Representative Office of the Fund "Sukhumi" has participated in a meeting organized by the Association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus”. The meeting was dedicated to the situation of the fire-affected population in Gali district.  The representative of Fund “Sukhumi” has made a presentation and informed meeting participants about key findings and urgent needs of fire-affected population reflected in the organization’s recently published rapid-assessment report.

The meeting was attended by the civil society organizations working on the issues of IDPs and conflict-affected population, representatives of the de jure authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, and the fire-affected persons.

The response strategies and actions of joint efforts were actively discussed during the meeting.

New project for the youth

  • Monday, 01 March 2021
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"Young leaders for peace, tolerance and non-violent culture" - this is the name of new project of the Fund "Sukhumi".

First of all, schools and participants under the age group envisaged in the project - pupils of the eighth-eleventh grades were selected.

The project includes 8 schools of Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Tsalenjikha municipalities.

At the first stage of the work envisaged the survey on: how tolerant, sociable and peaceful adolescents are and how they contribute to the formation of a non-violent culture.

Fifty questionnaires are filled in, they are in the process of adaptation and in parallel, preparation for the next project activities is underway.