“So much information in one space is a comfort. I think that this web page should have a large scale PR. Representatives of the Mayor, who often meet with the population, should be informed about it”.

“Success stories were very emotional... These stories should be examples so that many people can see and be convinced that it is possible to change lives for the better.”

This is a feedback of the people who participated in the meetings held in Tskaltubo and Tsalenjikha. The meeting participants got acquainted with the web page and learned how to use the information posted on it.


The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

Place of the meeting - the village Didinedzi, Zugdidi municipality.

15 participants - local school teachers and community representatives.

The informational meeting was devoted to the actual topic of violence. The presentation of the web page created by the Women Fund "Sukhumi" - "Digital Resource Center of Services for Victims of Violence" was of special importance.

The meeting participants noted that the web page is indeed a digital resource center that contains all information, contact numbers necessary for violence prevention andvictim. It was also said how important meetings with the rural population are. It is necessary that many people learn about the web page, spread the information and use its capabilities.

The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

"If not such meetings, I would not have information about the self-government programs, it seems that many things were taken into account and, I am sure, not many people, like me have information about it".

"I not only got information, but also passed a little training on how to use the online space to get interesting information".

This is the feedback from meeting participants. Meetings were held with beneficiaries living in Terjola, Samtredia, Bagdati and Vani municipalities. They learned how to use the Internet properly, how to find the necessary material or document. Detailed information was also spread about the website of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" "Digital Resource Center of the Services for Victims of Violence".

The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

“Such a meeting is important for me. There was a detailed explanation on how to enter a web page, how to find and download the necessary information.”

"It's hard to be a single mother and allocate time to educate yourself. These meetings are useful because they explain how to use the web page."

"So much information in one space is a comfort... I'm already thinking whom to consult, whom to help."

This is the feedback from the participants of the online meetings held in April. Meetings were held with women from the municipalities of Kobuleti, Chokhatauri, Senaki and Tkibuli. They received detailed information about the website of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" - "Digital Resource Center of Services for Victims of Violence" - www.sosfsokhumi.ge - why it was created, what materials are posted, how to use, how it will help vulnerable groups.

The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

Phones with SOS application and a magic button of our support were “lit up” in several other municipalities: Chokhatauri, Kobuleti, Vani, Bagdati, Senaki, Samtredia, Zugdidi, Terjola, Tsalenjikha, Tkibuli.

The Women Fund "Sukhumi" held a special action - handed over mobile phones to women of vulnerable groups.

This useful activity was carried out together with representatives of local governments, since it is important for the Fund "Sukhumi" to cooperate with municipal structures to improve the social and psychological situation of women.

The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

"Access to Women / Domestic Violence Victims Assistance Services at the Local Level" - a conference on this topic was held with the involvement of teachers, NGOs, and service providers.

About 80 invited participants from fifteen municipalities heard about the importance of a project funded by the Canada Gender Equality Fund that aims to empower victims of violence, raise e-literacy and impact on public awareness.

The rehabilitation center of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" deserved high evaluation from the audience, which has already hosted dozens of beneficiaries and positively changed their future.

"Today, the Internet has a great place in terms of information, and I think that existence of such a serious information base in this space is important."

"This site collected everything that governmental or non-governmental organizations should do. That is why we must be actively involved in the process of its popularization".

These are some responses that were identified in frames of monitoring.

In February, an internal monitoring of the project "Digital Resource Center for Cervices of Violence Victims " was conducted, the effectiveness and achievements of the activities were evaluated, the lessons learned were identified and recommendations for improvement of activities were developed.


Irina, the character of our film, is one of the 13 women who had a friendship with the Women's Fund "Sukhumi" last year.

At our rehabilitation center, women receive human and professional support, new knowledge, practical skills, development prospects in order to continue living independently.

All the actions of the Women's Fund "Sukhumi" are aimed at transforming the victim of violence woman into a strong woman who knows her own and others' rights and knows how to protect her.


The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)

“Access of women/victims of domestic violence to support services at the local level” - the topic of an online round table discussion organized by Women Fund “Sukhumi” on February 15 with the support of the Equality Fund, Canada.

The meeting was attended by local government representatives from the municipalities of of Senaki, Samtredia, Terjola, Kobuleti, Ozurgeti, Baghdati, Vani, Tskhaltubo, Tkibuli, Zugdidi, Khoni, and Chokhatauri, representatives of social services and children's rights protection departments, journalists from media organizations of Terjola, Kutaisi , Ozurgeti, Poti and Tkibuli, representatives of non-governmental organizations working on the topic, as well as mobilizers of the Women's Support Centers of the Fund “Sukhumi”.

During the first part of the event, representatives of Fund “Sukhumi” spoke about the project, and about the innovative and very necessary website - Digital Resource Center for Victims of Violence (http://gbvdigitalresourcecenter.ge/) created within the framework of the project, its promotion in municipalities, challenges and problems.

The format of the meetings is to provide information to the participants about the website "Digital Resource Center for Victims of Violence": what was the purpose of creating it, what materials are available, how to help vulnerable groups. Participants are also informed about the use of the Internet.

Such meetings are held regularly with groups of women. The next online information meetings were held with women living in Kobuleti, Bagdati, Zugdidi and Tkibuli municipalities.

The meetings were actively attended by the beneficiaries who used various services within the project. There was a great response to the campaign to help the beneficiaries with technical means. It was mentioned that they have hope that they are not alone and that they will be cared. The conversation also touched upon the rehabilitation center of the organization - the victims of violence pass psychological rehabilitation in the center, which is a serious assistance for them.


The project is implemented with the support the Equality Fund (Canada)