September was especially busy for youth initiative groups. Within the framework of the sub-grant program, the youth club at Tskaltybo public school No 4 implemented the project "BRAIN-ROOM - youth space for informing the society".

The project participants developed a thematic painting for the banner, which should become the main attribute of BRAIN-ROOM. Informational meetings were held within the framework of the project. The guests were the representatives of the City Hall and City Council of Tskaltubo municipality. Young people heard information about youth programs, gender issues, social policy of the City Hall. On the basis of the youth club, info-groups were created, which held master classes with older people on the skills of working with the Internet. Project activities were finished, although the discussion space BRAIN-ROOM remains, which is awaiting new guests.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

Within the framework of the sub-grant program, Tskaltubo Youth Initiative Group implemented the project “Sustainable Use and Production - Youth for the Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at Local Level”.

A banner was prepared, thematic comics were printed and placed on the garbage bins, members of the club purchased stationeries.

The project activities were successful. An online survey, trainings, workshops on waste recycling were conducted. The project ended with an action: the club members placed thematic comics on the garbage bins.

The participants believe that the youth project will contribute to improving the ecological and sanitary situation in the municipality, informing the population about the rules for the use and recycling of waste, as well as increasing the self-awareness of the population.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

With the support of sub-grants of the Fund "Sukhumi", two projects were financed in Tskaltubo. Youth initiative groups begin to actively work in this direction. The projects, the implementation of which are planned by young people, aim to activate youth groups living in Tskaltubo municipality, inform them about environmental issues, self-government programs and include them in the processes taking place in the municipality.

The women initiative group begins to advocate the problems: the lack of awareness of the population about local programs. After a general discussion, the advocacy plan was approved. Some advocated activities will begin in September.


Проект осуществляется при поддержке USAID

Meetings were held with women and youth initiative groups in Tskaltubo Municipality.

The Women Initiative Group worked on an advocacy plan. A specific problem was identified as a result of the research. An advocacy campaign with specific activities has already been planned, in collaboration with the local government and the Gender Equality Council.

Youth initiative groups are working on the project. Participants already know how to build a project. They worked on the name of the project, developed a slogan, discussed the refinement of goals and objectives.

Tskaltubo initiative groups will present two projects at the sub-grant competition, each project will announce the directions announced by the competition.

There are two youth initiative groups in Tskaltubo. The group members determined the indicator of their own activity at the meetings and paid attention to the factors contributing to the development of activism. They recalled specific cases related to civic activism. According to them, the youth inclusion will contribute to the promotion of youth policy in society.

During the meeting with members of the women initiative group, the participants listened to information about the questionnaire, which aimed to assess the quality of human security and gender needs. The problems identified during the research will become the subject of advocacy, which will be determined by the advocacy plan of the initiative group from the next month.        

Members of Tskaltubo Women Initiative Group were included in the survey process, which was held in different formats. During the group meeting, the participants evaluated the work done. In their opinion, everyone was able to conduct a survey using quantitative and qualitative methods.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants received additional information on how to technically plan, prepare and conduct focus groups and what should be done in order not to lose the main focus during the internal discussion. The types of active and passive participants, the basic principles of facilitation were considered interactively, with specific examples.

Tolerance and conflict - this topic was discussed at the information meeting of the Youth Initiative Group. Through self-presentation, the participants answered the questions: how tolerant I am and what is the degree of my tolerance. During a conversation on specific cases, they noticed that it is difficult to remain tolerant in a conflict situation, it is necessary to apologize, forgive, forget the insult. According to them, any person should feel responsibility, respect others - this will reduce conflict situations in society.

A meeting with a youth initiative group was held in Tskaltubo municipality. With the help of role- games and thematic exercises, the participants discussed the following issues: early conflict prevention, components of human security in a gender perspective. They expressed interest in the topic during the analysis of role- games.

The second meeting was held with members of the women initiative group. They listened to information about research techniques and skills and will be involved in the research process, the purpose of which is to study the interests of different vulnerable groups in terms of human security components.