During the ordinary meeting, Vani working group summarized the results of the work and highlighted the activities that must be implemented before the completion of the project.

It was also noted, how the modernization of the official website of the municipality is carried out, what is the situation in terms of updating it. A meeting with the heads of various services and departments was planned, so that they timely present the necessary information for uploading on the web-site.

The group members discussed the anti-corruption strategy, its points and form. It was decided that all members of the group would be actively involved in the process of creating the document.


The project is implemented with the support the European Union - #EU4Georgia

Another civil society organization, “People and Freedom”, has been established in Vani municipality. Like other new organizations, it also took part in a grant competition and implemented a three-month project “Informed Youth”.

As a result of the project, a youth initiative group was formed and equipped with the appropriate skills in Salkhino community. Young people know a lot about the role of government and e-services. They identified the needs of young people and provided recommendations to the local government. The initiative group is actively working with the local community to promote the use of online services.


The project is implemented with the support the European Union - #EU4Georgia

“Vani - XXI century” - this civil society organization in Vani municipality registered a few months ago with the support of the Fund “Sukhumi”, and within the framework of our project has already implemented a small project “Informed Village Population”.

The result is obvious: certain groups living in the administrative units of Vani, Zeda Vani, Chkvishi and Zeindari were provided with information on public administration reform, on the importance of using e-services.

The project participants got acquainted with the main directions of the municipality's website. They have the opportunity, to cooperate with the local government in case of necessity, to receive and provide information, to be involved in the activities of the local government.


The project is implemented with the support the European Union - #EU4Georgia

An online debates were held for representatives of Vani municipality, where the achieved results were summarized. The meeting was attended by members of the working group, representatives of local government and civil society.

The meeting was special as the representatives of partner municipalities familiarized the audience with the successful practice: the representative of Tskaltubo municipality spoke about the practice of introducing the civil budget, the representative of Khoni municipality provided the participants with information on the implementation of the online petition system. It was noted that the exchange of successful experience is important for those municipalities that are currently working in this direction.


The project is implemented with the support the European Union - #EU4Georgia

The results of the mini-projects implemented by civil society organizations were summarized at the ordinary meeting of Vani working group. They also discussed the recommendations that were developed for local government with the aim of implementation at the local level of public administration - this mainly concerns the improvement of the skills of citizens and representatives of the City Hall in terms of using e-services.

The meeting highlighted the activities that the group should carry out before the completion of the project, and the responsibility for their implementation was distributed among the members of the group.

The tenth meeting of Vani Working Group was dedicated to the reports of the representatives of the partner organizations "Support 2020" and "Citizens' Activism for Effective Governance and Justice". They concerned the dynamics of their small projects - what activities do they carry out, what changes do they see in comparison with previous project and what challenges exist in connection with the reform. It was noted that the need to inform the citizens is still on the agenda. It is also important to improve their skills regarding e-services, which can be addressed through the involvement of the representatives of the Mayor - work in this direction is already underway.

It was also said that the changes agreed during the previous meeting were already reflected in the group action plan and were approved at the City Council meeting.

The needs research of citizens was carried out in Vani municipality - quantitative data were collected, individual interviews and focus groups with vulnerable groups were held.

Then there will be held the advocacy of the problems identified as a result of the research in the relevant structures, as well as the integration of priority issues for citizens into the action plan of the municipality.

Local civil society organizations “Support 2020” and “Citizens' Engagement for Good Governance and Justice” worked on the research.

The work is carried out in the framework of the project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring”.

Changes in the working plan was discussed during the meeting of Vani working group. It was noted that the plan should reflect the issues, the solution of which is under their competence: the problems identified during the first local needs research and the recommendations of the third monitoring of public administration reform. There was also a conversation regarding the website of the municipality, which is being updated at this stage. It was decided that the members of the group will be involved in posting information on the page.

Vani working group contributes to the implementation of public administration reform with its activities.

The Fund "Sukhumi" has 10 Women Support Centers in Terjola, Vani, Tkibuli, Bagdati, Chokhatauri, Samtredia, Kobuleti, Zugdidi, Senaki, Tsalenjikha municipalities. A two-day workshop was held for the updated staff of mobilizers. All discussed topics were necessary and relevant: selecting target groups, working with the audience, identifying problems, filling in a victim questionnaire and responding to it, conducting advocacy campaign, legal mechanisms for victim support, working with local governments, municipal programs and state services for violence prevention and victim assistance, informing, self-presentation, facilitation and moderation.

“The work of the mobilizer seemed difficult to me, but now I already know how to go step by step. The workshop showed me the sequence of the process”, mentioned one of the mobilizers at the end of the workshop.

Vani working group has a lot of work, and this was obvious during City Council meetings. IT specialist presented information about updating the official web page - the functions of requesting public information and online petitions, a mechanism for citizens' participation "Plan the budget" will be added. Online broadcasting of City Council meetings and other technical changes are planned. The meeting also reviewed the code of ethics developed for City Council members and the results of the third monitoring conducted by representatives of partner civil society organizations.

Part of the recommendations identified in the framework of two monitoring have already been implemented. Recommendations of the third monitoring will be also reflected in the action plan of the working group. Their implementation will add more transparency and efficiency to the work of local self-government.