“Injicio” is a Latin word and means some kind of challenge. Initiation is a chemical process when a chain reaction begins with external influence.

In order not to confuse you, this is a manifestation of the initiative.

We talk about young people and this is our intention - active young people take initiatives.

The Women Fund “Sukhumi” operates in 10 municipalities (Samtredia, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Tkibuli, Senaki, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Chokhatauri, Kobuleti). Previously, youth clubs were formed in separate schools in the city / village, meetings were held. Now municipalities are creating Youth Empowerment Centers, which bring together representatives of different schools.

During the 6-month training course, participants get acquainted with various topics, with the technique of conducting meetings. And from the first month they begin to conduct activities in their schools. After completing the full course, the most active ones are given the title of trainer.

It is difficult to single out any school, the initiated events are held everywhere. Children practically implement what they have learned, and they really like it.

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Marina Stepanenko was going to visit Kutaisi this spring. A friend invited and she wanted to see this city for a long time.

She appeared there earlier than expected. Because of the war in Ukraine. On March 8, together with the children, she flew in from Poland.

Her Facebook post:

"Georgia. Warm, kind, comfortable. At the exit from the airport, the contacts of those arriving from Ukraine are recorded, accommodation options and a free lunch is offered. They provide a phone number for emergency calls. We came here with children. We arrived from Krakow.

Representatives of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" came to visit her during the first days of her arrival. They shared her worry about her family, husband and parents, who remained in Kyiv. They brought food, toys, clothes. Then they found out that she was a psychologist and realized that she could help the women from Ukraine best of all.

Marina notes:

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122 - our contact base

There is a good news: Kutaisi Municipality has approved our proposal for free travel on public transport for Ukrainians. Food vouchers are also issued in the amount of 100 GEL per person, and they still help with accommodation cost.

122 people - this is our contact base. These refugees from Ukraine are now in Georgia and contact us.

In June, assistance was provided to 16 families, for some of them it was for the second time, and one family received it for the third time, since no one helps them except our organization. The list of volunteers is growing: private people addressed us with an offer to help vulnerable families. Some of the families were transferred money, others were provided with household items. A stroller for a newborn baby was found, sent it to Rustavi with other accessories for the baby.

Our dear Ukrainians participated in two events organized by the Women Fund "Sukhumi":

June 1, International Children's Day, Ukrainian women and children were invited to our office. For them, a presentation of delicious Georgian dishes, which were prepared by the employees of the Fund was held. The guests were also presented with memorable gifts. The women shared their stories. There were many happy and sad moments.

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This is Matsatso Khakhubia, from Senaki.

He says that each person creates his own success formula. The amount of this formula depends of the amount of people. She created her own success, wrote it with the life she passed.

 She is interested in everything that happens around her. She always has one goal: to change her life for the better until she can!

She says that anyone can become successful. The main thing for this is for people to leave the comfort zone and pass the way, that will lead to success.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep the balance, do not stop, the mistake is precious, because it shows you new opportunities".

She loves handicrafts. She makes necklaces, brooches, felt paintings and other beautiful accessories. She makes everything with love, so these things are exclusive and original. "When I make something, I put my whole soul into it. At first I did not even think about selling it, I just enjoyed it".

"When I presented one of my friends with the necklace I made, at one of the meetings I found out that many people liked it: “where did you buy it”?, “It is so good”, “I would buy it”...

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I am Sofiko Kukhalashvili, born in 1992, an IDP from Abkhazia. I live in Khoni. I want to briefly tell you about my small business, which I have done myself. In 2017 I visited the village and my grandmother gave me one small pig, thus my small business started. This little pig, that I had to raise and then kill, was female. When it grew up to 7 months and it was very good, I changed my mind to kill it and decided to breed it…so I did. I made cross-breeding. I had small pigs 4 months after breeding. I was very happy. Somehow their care and patronage became very interesting and enjoyable for me.

Then I decided to start farm business. I was able to make a small building where I housed the pigs. I needed my parents'financial assistance. After arranging this building my success in the farm business started. There was not only one mother pig in this building, but at least 10. Then I started to find out where I could find good pigs to be a successful farmer and get the best results. In addition I had to learn their food ration as well as suitable medicines. I found everything on the internet and learned from farmers, who had more experience in this field.

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There is always the question to me and others how I became a successful woman. I had to talk about this topic at one of the meetings organized by the Women Fund "Sukhumi".

I think I have interestingly explained my success formula.

In order to reach succeed, every person must develop an individual way, which includes the most important things - hard work, constant movement, purposefulness, the ability to think logically and luck.

I do not think that the path to success passed by others is a clear example to me, because everything is individual, both the person himself and his skills and abilities, so our work plan will bring results when it is relevant to our capabilities.

I had different creative skills from childhood and I develop these skills to this day, in other words, my approach to any activities is creative. I also deal with difficulties easily, when moving towards the goal, of course there is a heterogeneous problem, but it is not an obstacle for me.

Sociability is the most important for success.

I have always wanted to use real opportunities for success. It is very important how you use the resources you have.

In order to become a successful person, you must logically follow the path to the goal.

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David is the first Ukrainian who was born in Kutaisi. His mother is Maria Fesina-Rukhadze. On the 9th month of pregnancy a woman hardly got out of Donetsk - to Lvov, to Poland, standing at the border for 9 hours, then - to Tbilisi and from there - to Kutaisi.

Before her arrival, Eliso Rukhadze from Terjola addressed the Women Fund "Sukhumi" with a request to find a doctor for a Ukrainian citizen who is already on her way. She knew about our organization and our support for refugees from Ukraine.

By the time Maria reached Kutaisi, a group working on refugee issues quickly gathered information on where she could be accepted. The director of the clinic “Bomond”, Mamuka Mikadze, helped us very much - the clinic covered all the expenses. Everything went well - David was born on May 5 (doctor - Nino Ramishvili).

The Fund "Sukhumi" continued to take care of Maria, they brought her the necessary things and clothes for the newborn. They helped her with a pediatrician who came to the house. The translator into Ukrainian and the notary were found for arranging official documents. They also wrote to the City Hall an application for paying for accommodation - now she lives in Kutaisi with her baby and mother (her husband is in Ukraine).

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Special days for children

- These 10 days were productive and intense. The children liked the games: funny math, pets, English and Georgian alphabets, rubik's cube... We drew together, sculpted, read fairy tales, watched animated films, danced, played, learned how to make roses from colored paper. And we they talked a lot. They asked questions and I answered in a simple, understandable language - says Anna Lomidze, assistant of the Rehabilitation Center for work with small children.

The rehabilitation center of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" opened this year in one of the beautiful corners of Kutaisi. A woman with children can stay here for 10-15 days. A social worker, a psychologist and a lawyer work with her.

In order for the children not to be left without attention and to spend their free time fruitfully, another employee was attracted to the center - an assistant for working with small children. Despite the fact that Anna has worked only with one group so far, she has something to say and a small success story has already appeared.

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Maia Kardava - her success story

After the war in Abkhazia, they moved to the village, she graduated from school and became a student of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Sukhumi branch on the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

She started working as a computer technology teacher at the school and at the same time at the non-governmental organization "GEA XXI".

Her first project was approved by the “Global Fund for Women”. The aim of the project was to help IDP women from Abkhazia, residing across the river.

It was followed by the competition announced by the Danish Council to support the financial empowerment of the vulnerable population and one more victory. Prefabricated machines for the production of metal-plastic doors and windows, which were purchased in frames of the project, are still one of sources of income for the family, under the constant monitoring and updating.

She gained great experience with the joint project of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation and the Ministry of Agriculture. The project envisaged the development of honey production and the promotion of small entrepreneurship.

At the same time, Maia Kardava's family cares for 350 roots of Italian walnut and lives with the real life of the village.

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