Exchange of experiences is the best way to introduce the innovations. This is a special method for the Fund "Sukhumi" and it often gives municipalities this opportunity.

The Forum of Civil Society Organizations of Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi initially envisaged cooperation and mutual assistance.

The project includes three organizations: Fund "Sukhumi", Fund of Women Entrepreneurs and Imereti Scientists’ Union "Spectri".

The Civil Society Forum united 16 organizations in October 2019. Their geographical area is wide: 8 municipalities (Khoni, Vani, Terjola, Bagdati, Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti, Tsageri, Ambrolauri).

The Forum was created in order to actively involve the society in the process of monitoring the Roadmap for Public Administration Reform.

Already at the beginning of the project, the organizations attended meetings, trainings, studied the criteria for the implementation of public administration reform, also how to draft projects, advocate problems, learned the techniques of research ... They contributed to the creation of new organizations, and 14 new organizations were registered in the municipalities.

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Dachi is a smart and businesslike person. He was born this year, in early April. He often "works" with his mother. He helped her even before he was born. So, the residents of Bagdati should be grateful to Dachi for the preparation of serious documents.
If anyone thinks that this is a joke, I cannot agree. Because Dachi actually works with her mom. Dachi's mom is a young, beautiful and clever woman. She graduated from school in the village Dimi, and then graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Master's program of Tbilisi State University.
When the implementation of our project started in Bagdati, City Council members were invited to the working group. Guram Kiknavelidze, the chairman of the commission on financial - budgetary issues, was elected as the chairperson of the group. The second member is Gvantsa Grdzelidze, chairman of the legal and procedural commission. In short, both are necessary people, now the group has its own financial and legal lobbyists. That is why, Bagdati working group is distinguished by its activity and is successfully implementing the Public Administration Reform.

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Electronic petition system in Khoni

Population is going to plant hornbeam trees in Gubi. In Dedalauri it is planned to asphalt the central road, the residents of Dzedzileti and Gocha-Jikhaishi have a problem with transport.

These are the problems of the villages of Khoni municipality. And the solution was found...

Electronic petition!

This is a modern, convenient mechanism.

A petition (lat. "Petitio") is a collective request to the authorities in written form.

The Internet has significantly increased and simplified signatures to the petition, improved the dialogue of citizens with government structures. Our project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring” also serves to activate Internet resources.

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Khatia Khachapuridze: “I live in Tbilisi. I needed to register my father's land in the village Gelaveri, and I found Khoni hotline in Google ... I was provided with all the information I needed. I welcome the existence of a hotline, because it simplifies the solution of many issues".

Tsisana Mushkudiani: “The Internet and social networks made the whole world more comfortable, not only Khoni. I do not often call on Knoni hotline, although, whenever I applied, I was never left unanswered. They competently provide the information they have”.

This is the opinion of people who are satisfied with Khoni hotline.

The hotline was created following the recommendations of Khoni working group: a separate telephone line was installed, the staff was retrained, the population was provided with information about the start of the hotline...

The idea of a hotline belongs to Khoni civil society organization – Center for Education and Development “Edelweiss” and this idea was implemented in cooperation with the local government.

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Women initiative groups, organized by the Fund "Sukhumi" are actively involved in advocacy for the problems of IDP women, conflict-affected women, as well as citizens living near the conflict line.

They have a systematic dialogue with local authorities, structures on IDP issues, local and international non-governmental organizations. For the given moment, international organizations have become the "target" of the group members.

Nona Bukia, the leader of the women initiative group of the village Khurcha (Zugdidi municipality), had an opportunity to talk to the UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia Sabina Mahl, who met with representatives of local NGOs, IDP women and conflict-affected women in Anaklia.

The participants of the meeting discussed the problems of women, peace and security, Resolution 1325, localization of 2018-2020 National Action Plan, the involvement of women IDPs and women affected by the conflict in decision-making, peacekeeping and security processes.

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Here is an interesting travel for you. You have never seen or heard of such a thing before.

Traveling online - as it corresponds to Covid pandemic.

Follow us…

The first station –Lanchkhuti official web page

Take a look to the right of the screen. Everything seems to be familiar in the list, but there is one different name: electronic manager

This is precisely the innovation that we must tell you about - a unique web application that has no analogue in Georgia (and not only). It was created especially for Lanchkhuti. The author of the application is Amiran Gigineishvili - radio engineer, programmer, designer, researcher, economist, PR specialist.

Mr. Amiran is a member of Lanchkhuti City Council and a member of the board of the Local Governments Association of Georgia. He has many years of working experience in civil society organizations, participated in more than 40 trainings in the USA and various European countries. At the moment he is the chairman of the "Georgian Rural Hall"

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Violence victim faces many problems.

It is not a secret that the state can offer only temporary shelter and legal responsibility for the rapist. After leaving the shelter, the victim, with the minor children, is in the hardest situation and the friendship network is vital for her. It gives her a feeling of more or less stability and security.

 The Fund “Sukhumi” has always expressed an idea of ​​multidisciplinary cooperation and coordination in order to respond to the problem of violence against women and domestic violence. Number of round tables, information meetings or civil forums were held, permanently emphasizing proper coordination and consolidation of resources in the field of violence prevention, especially in direction of victim assistance.

The Fund "Sukhumi" has established the following model - a non-formal group is successfully functioning. It is conditionally called the social partners network for victim assistance.

It includes: specialists of social directions of the fund, psychologist, lawyer; social service structures of local self-government, especially the Department for the Protection of Children’s Rights;

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Mother left her with acquaintances and disappeared. She grew up without love. She was a victim of bullying, she got married at 15, but was not happy, the husband was rapist. It was the final drop, when her husband almost killed her with an axe… she decided to ask for help and run away with two children. So, she appeared in the shelter. Then she was addressed to the Fund "Sukhumi", passed psycho-rehabilitation, professional courses. Fund "Sukhumi" managed to rent a flat, helped to solve living, health and employment problems. Then was Covid-19… she was immediately taken to the clinic and her children - to the children’s center. Now they are together again. In general, after the shelter, the victim is in difficult situation and needs partner network to feel stability and security. Fund “Sukhumi” created social partners’ network including Fund’s psychologist and lawyer, lawyer of shelter, children’s rights department and social workers. The "Network" meets periodically, summarizes the work, plans activities for the safety and social integration of the victim. The pilot of the “network” turned out to be successful.

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“I am passionate about contributing to a peaceful, just, and progressive society, in which women, together with men, are able to make a difference through their activism. I firmly believe that peace and security cannot be sustained unless women have an equal and active role in political, economic, and social policy formulation.”

This is an excerpt from Ekaterina Gamakharia's speech.

On March 25 Ekaterine Gamakharia, Head of the Tbilisi office of the Fund "Sukhumi", participated in an online discussion, held within the framework of the 65th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65).

In her speech, Ekaterine spoke about the devastating impact of the pandemic, revealed as a result of the rapid response research carried out by the Fund "Sukhumi", as well as about the economic situation of IDPs and conflict-affected women. She stressed the role of women and their participation in policy-making, which plays a critical role in overcoming the crisis.

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