"Development of e-services in local governments aiming at improving the availability of e-services for citizens" - a round table on this topic was held at the City Hall of Lanchkhuti municipality. The meeting was attended by representatives of local government, non-governmental sector, mass media, educational institutions.

Assistant of the project curatorial organization Imereti Scientists' Union “Spectri” Tamar Moseshvili underlined the importance of involving civil society in monitoring the roadmap for public administration reform. The head of the partner organization of the project "Georgian Rural Hall" Amiran Gigineishvili drew attention to the "Electronic Manager" developed within the framework of the project. And the head of the second partner organization "Lanchkhut Information Center" David Gogichaishvili, as well as representatives of local government and stakeholders spoke about the importance of the gradual development of the availability of e-services for the citizens.

“The school should be interested in the concept of a safe school. The law on general education clearly states that the school must take responsibility for the violence,” mentioned one of the teachers, a participant of the event.

Teachers, parents and representatives of education resource centers from different municipalities attended a round table, which was held on the initiative of the Fund “Sukhumi”. The topic of the meeting was: “Nonviolent, safe environment in schools and the role of resource centers in promoting non-formal education”.

The participants discussed the existing challenges. During the meeting the recommendations were announced – their consideration will contribute to strengthening of cooperation between resource centers and schools, as well as the formation of a safe school model.

The Fund "Sukhumi", with participation of members of Gender Equality Council of Sanaki municipality, held a round table on: “Strengthening the role and functions of the Gender Equality Council in the process of introducing local gender policy”.

The meeting discussed the strategy and various initiatives that will give more effect to the work of the Gender Equality Council. Particular attention was paid to planning of the existing resources for implementation of the plan for 2022, as well as to the issue of maximum involvement of the units responsible for the implementation of the plan.

“Strengthening the role and functions of the Gender Equality Council in the process of introducing local gender policy” - a round table on this topic was held  with participation of representatives of Khoni Gender Equality Council, local self-government and civil activists.

The municipality makes important changes in terms of reorganizing the Council, creating thematic groups, choosing their strategies and initiating local programs with target on vulnerable groups. Particularly important for the participants was the question of how the budgetary support of the issues, envisaged in the plan should be carried out, as well as the issue of maximum involvement of the units responsible for the implementation of the plan.

“Involving parents in school life - cooperation in activities against gender stereotypes and violence” - a meeting of round format was held on this topic. Among the participants there were students, parents, teachers, representatives of different spheres of society.

They got acquainted with the publication of the Fund "Sukhumi" - “Schools against challenges of gender equality, gender stereotypes and domestic violence”. They talked about the dangers of gender discrimination, about cooperation between teachers and parents in terms of protecting young people from violence. They touched upon the problems caused by the covid-19 pandemic and their solutions. The discussed issues were relevant for all participants, and the meeting was active. Information about the round table was published in the newspaper "New Education".