Marina and other women from Ukraine

Marina Stepanenko was going to visit Kutaisi this spring. A friend invited and she wanted to see this city for a long time.

She appeared there earlier than expected. Because of the war in Ukraine. On March 8, together with the children, she flew in from Poland.

Her Facebook post:

"Georgia. Warm, kind, comfortable. At the exit from the airport, the contacts of those arriving from Ukraine are recorded, accommodation options and a free lunch is offered. They provide a phone number for emergency calls. We came here with children. We arrived from Krakow.

Representatives of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" came to visit her during the first days of her arrival. They shared her worry about her family, husband and parents, who remained in Kyiv. They brought food, toys, clothes. Then they found out that she was a psychologist and realized that she could help the women from Ukraine best of all.

Marina notes:

“In the office of the Fund “Sukhumi”, women from Ukraine can meet on a regular basis. Here they receive both psychological help from a psychologist and communication with each other. Communication, social activity, is very important for adaptation in a new place. The feeling that you are not alone in your trouble and that there is support, gives you strength. For me, as one of the women who fled the war with their children, it is very important and valuable that the Fund "Sukhumi" gave such an opportunity - to help women cope with the challenges that have befallen them”.

Marina is the psychologist of our organization. Several meetings with Ukrainian women were held in the office of the Fund "Sukhumi". Women share their pain with each other, they speak their native language... All this has a special power.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

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