The main thing in project work

Stop domestic violence! - says one.

Violence is not the solution! - says the other.

These are posters made by children.

The third thing is one of the diagrams of the research.

To the question: who should make decisions in the family? The answers were distributed as follows: women - 12%, men - 32%, both - 56%.

All above mentioned is the work of those teenagers who pass a six-month training course in the youth empowerment centers.

The centers operate in 10 municipalities - Samtredia, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Tkibuli, Senaki, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Chokhatauri, Kobuleti.

Ways of conflict resolution, violence prevention, early marriage - these and other topical issues will be discussed at the trainings. Then the children get a kind of homework: who will expand the topic? Who will create an original form of saying? How can the information about a problem be disseminated?

From training to training and even after the six months of training are over, the students hold many interesting events, the so-called initiated events.

According to the topics discussed at the trainings, young people try to share their visions with others in the form of essays and videos. They hold informational meetings - both live and online. They find creative ways to conduct more fun activities with their peers and to make them understand the negative consequences of violence, that it is possible to live without conflicts, etc.

This is the main thing in project work, it is a sample of a success story, that young people become active, show initiatives and share their knowledge with as many people as possible.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

 für die Welt - Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (Germany)