Research: “Women's participation in Geneva Peaceful Talks: problems, achievements and prospects”

Research: “Women's participation in Geneva Peaceful Talks: problems, achievements and prospects” under the project: “Strengthening of women’s voices in the process of conflict transformation” was finished.
-Formation of public opinion regarding necessity of attracting more women in the process of peaceful regulation of conflict on national level and raising of civil society awareness, that women participation can have important role in building long-term peace.
In the process of research there were involved: public sector, representatives of state structures, who are connected with the issues of regulating the conflict. 8 respondents were inquired on a whole by the method of focus-group and 10 respondents in the form of in-depth interview.
Results of the research are gathered in one document.
The project  is implemented with the support of  Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA


The book “Level of women security in Western Georgia” was published

The fund “Sukhumi” published a book “Level of women security in Western Georgia” (printed version in Georgian and el-version in English and Russian).
This is a result of joined project ”Women define the level of human security for building confidence and stable peace” of the fund “Sukhumi (Kutaisi) and Association of Women of Abkhazia (Sukhumi). These women organizations applied the technique of Israel and Palestinian women, adapting it to the specific conditions, together developed a method of determining the level of human security and conducted surveys among women in their communities.
It is an attempt - to expand the boundaries of traditionally accepted understanding of the term "security" go in depths of the feelings and anxiety of women, who face daily threats of personal security.
The views and opinions reflected in the study are a reminder of the needs and threats that deserve respective attention and solution.
The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna,
 women’s Foundation (Sweden)


Research of local gender needs in Senaki

In May 8-25 the members of Senaki GAC were involved in evaluation of local gender needs. They conducted 4 focus-groups, 4 in-depth interviews and 200 people were inquired. Total amount of participants was 244 people including socially unprotected women and IDP women, youth, women in a small business, women-leaders, representatives of media, NGOs and intelligence.
Experts in economics, education and culture, local self-governemnt, social care and healthcare representatives participated in in-depth interviews.
On the basis of presented reports and transcripts fund “Sukhumi“ will prepare analysis of research and elaborated recommendations jointly with the GAC for submission to local government for 2016 budget.
The project is implemented with the support
 of the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality


Kutaisi GAC completed research for evaluation of local gender needs

4 focus-groups, 4 in-depth interviews, 200 inquires – these methods were used for questioning 241 people and these are the results of Kutaisi GAC in research of local gender needs.
Target groups and directions were defined: education, economics and infrastructure, local self-government, women’s rights – in-depth interview were made with the experts of these spheres.
Students, media, NGOs, people with disabilities – method of focus-group was used for their needs research.
After research women-IDPs were inquired, young IDPs, ethnical minorities, socially unprotected people.
As a result of research, GAC members presented relevant reports and transcripts. The recommendations will be elaborated, which will be submitted to Kutaisi Sakrebulo, in order to more obviously reflect gender needs in 2016 city budget.
The project is implemented with the support
 of the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality