4 more workshops - Poti, Koki, Kveda Simoneti, Kutaisi

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At the end of October, 4 more workshops were held - with members of the conflict management group in Poti school # 4, village Koki (Zugdidi municipality), Kveda Simoneti (Terjola municipality) and the Georgian-American school "Progress" in Kutaisi. This is how the planned 10 workshops of the month were completed.

The participants of the workshops, together with the conflict expert of the Fund "Sukhumi", discussed the reasons of conflict. Lack of money, different values, distorted information - according to the participants, these reasons often cause conflicts. In the end, they noted that as a result of such meetings, they learn how to avoid conflicts or resolve them peacefully.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot
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