From the day of its foundation to the present day, the Fund "Sukhumi" has been continuously involved in confidence-building between conflict divided societies, peacebuilding and positive transformation of the conflict. Long lasting cooperation with partner organizations operating in Abkhazia and the study of the peacebuilding experience of various countries have laid the foundation for numerous partnership projects aimed at increasing the role of women and raising trust in the process of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Numerous researches and surveys were undertaken within the frames of joint projects. Policy papers, analysis, methodological guidelines dedicated to peace and security and innovative perspectives on conflict transformation were published and spread.

Through the trainings, information meetings and discussions, the Fund "Sukhumi" actively works with population (women - IDPs, youth) in the direction of rethinking the past, destroying the enemy image created by the conflict, reducing tension and spreading a culture of peace.

Fund "Sukhumi" developed and launched community-based Gender Responsive Early Warning System (GREWS). Using the gender indicators, the organization constantly monitors the situation of IDP and conflict affected women and girls, as well as the level of their

human security. It develops strategies for a timely warning against possible escalation of violence and instability, as well as actively participates in the advocacy process at the local, national and international level.


Fund “Sukhumi” has been actively participating in elaboration of National Action Plan (NAP) for implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 and other UN Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. The organization was involved in integration and localization of the National Action Plan on UNSC Resolution 1325 at the local government level and enhancing the participation of internally displaced (IDP) and conflict-affected women and girls in dialogue with the local government officials.


In this direction, the Fund "Sukhumi" cooperates with its long-lasting donor and partner organization Kvinna till Kvinna and is about to start cooperation with the USAID.

At various times, Fund "Sukhumi" collaborated with the following organizations: Conciliation Resources, International Alert, US Department of State, Embassy of Switzerland, UN Women, Embassy of Canada in Turkey, DRA Partnership, Visegrad Fund, Nesehnutí, EUMM.

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