April of the Forum - Theater

It's spring, and the renewed team of the forum - theater has an interesting April - it meets the audience in the open air.

The performances were shown in the central parks of Kutaisi and on the stage of the amphitheater of Terjola Youth Center.

Soon, together with the forum-theater and the shadow theater of the Fund "Sukhumi", a puppet theater will begin to show its performances.

The first performance of the puppet theater is based on the Georgian folk tale "Gvriti" (turtledove). Samples of dolls are already created, young actors study to “manage” the dolls and are actively involved in the rehearsal process.

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March was an active month for the forum-theater: casting, rehearsals, performances...

After the casting, new actors appeared in the group, who have already joined the work.

After a long pause, the first trip was in one of Kutaisi parks - the performances were held in the open air.

A new initiative of the Fund "Sukhumi" will be implemented soon - a puppet theater will be created. The scenario on the basis of Georgian fairy tale "Gvriti" (turtledove) is already written ...

Forum-theater, shadow theater, puppet theater – this is a variety, offered by the young actors to the audience.

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The pandemic has taught Forum Theatre actors many new things: shooting videos, editing, selecting music backgrounds, etc.

Young people worked online in February too. Their work, personal videos on various topical issues, has appeared on the Facebook page of Fund "Sukhumi".

From March, Forum Theatre actors will perform in various city parks and squares.


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Online January of the forum theater

The life of the forum theater in January is held online, but quite actively. Facebook page of the Fund "Sukhumi" presents videos and photo collages prepared by young actors. A new section has begun - all actors of the forum theater will record a personal video.

The rehearsal period is actively continuing. The plan for February is already developed. The forum theater group hopes to meet with the audience soon ...


The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

 für die Welt - Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (Germany)

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