Gender equality

  • Tuesday, 05 January 2021
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One of the main activities of the Fund "Sukhumi" is promoting gender equality and creating a favourable ground for women’s participation in local planning and budgeting, as well as in being represented in decision-making positions.

Organization is engaged in educational, consultative, monitoring and advocacy activities to improve laws, policies and practices that strengthen the vulnerable groups and promote equality between women and men, and their equal participation in various areas of public life.


In 2013, the organization has piloted gender equality mechanisms in four municipalities, the successful practice of which in 2016 contributed to their reflection in the law and further institutionalization across the country. Our organization continues the institutional development of Gender Equality Councils, through practical methodological support and capacity building; it contributes to the creation of an informal network and cooperation between them in order to exchange information on best practices and challenges, and strengthen coordination.

Fund “Sukhumi” contributes to the proper implementation of Public Administration Reform at the local level, as well as transparent, efficient, accountable and inclusive local administration, though capacity building of local civil society organizations (CSO) and involving them in monitoring of the reform and advocacy efforts for improvements.

In this direction, the work of the Fund "Sukhumi" at different times was supported by: UN Women's Organization - Fund for Gender Equality - UNW, NED, US Department of State, PIN – People in Need, Visegrad Fund, European Union.

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